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November 9, 2005: We should all be supporting Project UDI.

August 31, 1999: My résumé: HTML, ASCII text or Word 97 document

March 31, 1999: Why "GNU/Linux" is a Misnomer

February 18, 1999: Sarah Frances Corzine (my daughter)

December 31, 1998: My Linux predictions for the next few years...

April 3, 1998: Linux, Netscape and the Impending Revolution

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Welcome to my home page, such as it is. (My PGP key is available.)

I know, this page sucks, but I never seem to find time to update it. I'll try to see if I can start doing it a little bit at a time; first content, maybe later worry about formatting. There's a lot of ancient links below (circa 1993 or so) under "Random Links" and "Broken Links" -- most of them simply comprised my early bookmarks from when I first started browsing the web; no wonder so many are now broken! Of course, I have far more bookmarks now, and it seems pointless to inflict the unsorted list on others; I ought to shuffle through all my bookmarks and move the interesting ones here... in my spare time. (We'll see...)

By the way, I am the author of the Phoenix CMC. Now that is something I need to write more about... real soon now.

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